Monday, August 30, 2010

It's been a while!

Well, we have had a busy several months.   Our son went to theatre camp, sports  camp, and art camp this summer.  He doesn't start school for another week.  Our daughter started school today at a new school.  It was sad to say goodbye to the old one, but this one is less expensive and closer;-)
I haven't done much on the writing front.  I've been busy taking them to and from places all summer.  Looking forward to fall because it's my favorite time of year and I have a new store to collect which means more money.  The store I started earlier this year I didn't like because it was further away, it didn't have a parking lot and this guy in the store really has something against me.  I was collecting a display one day and I said hello to him.  Of course he said nothing.  And then he started taking things off of the display right while I was collecting.  I was so pissed.  Usually if someone has to remove something from a display they will say "excuse me i have to take this' or they wait until I'm done.  Then when I was collecting last week he saw me.  I was looking down on my computer.  I pretended like I didn't see him.  He just stared at me and said nothing.  I knew right then I had to get out of there. What a freaking jerk!
I'm still looking for a job in social services.  I'm not holding my breath anymore.  No one, no one wants to hire me.  So, I'm applying for more jobs in merchandising and similar things to what I do now.
DH is still looking for work.  He hates his job. I pray everyday that the kids will be happy and healthy.  And they DH and I find jobs that pay us a decent wage and it's something that we want to do.  I think that's why I want my son to pursue the acting and the art because it makes him happy and if he can make a living at it...even better.

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