Friday, September 24, 2010

Today reminds me of another time.

Well, today was a good day.  My son was out of school.  Spent some quality time with him.  It's weird being here with him all day.  That was the norm until my daughter was born.  In England we had a schedule.  We would get up, have breakfast, I would watch some of my shows, he would then watch an educational DVD then I would sneak away to play on the internet.  Then we would go upstairs and go over what he learned on the DVD and I would read to him sometimes we would play.  If the weather was nice we would go into the backyard or garden as they say in England.  Or, we would go to one of the three parks located in the little town.  Then he would have lunch, take a nap.  I would do some housework and play on the computer some more.  After nap we would play some more or dance to music.  I would go downstairs to cook dinner and he would watch cartoons.  It's weird how I had such a schedule with him, but with my daughter it didn't work out that way.  Sometimes I miss those times, but if you told me then I would say that now I wouldn't believe you.  I was so lonely there during the day and wanted to be home in Chicago so much.

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