Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why Is This So Hard?

I don't understand why I can't even seem to get anywhere in this job market.  The lady I was talking about yesterday never called me back.  So, I called her.  She first kept me on hold for a couple of minutes.  You know that feeling you get when someone doesn't want to talk to you.  That's the feeling I got. Of course she has this attitude with me right away when I ask her if she has another interview time available.  Only Tues at 3:30pm.  When I tell her why I can't make that time she then asks "How are you going to work a job if you have to pick your kids up?"  I told her that I would get aftercare for them, but I'm working part-time right now so I don't need it.  She seemed to not even want to try to help me out in any way.  She just was unwilling to move and wouldn't be interviewing people the following week.  She just didn't seem to care if I was able to make it in or not.  So, I just thanked her for considering me and hung up.  I'm relieved because I feel the interview would have been a disaster so it's probably best that I skip this one, but on the other hand...why is this so hard.  Usually I send in resumes and I get calls.  Now I get nothing but rude, uncooperative people who know that people are desperate for work and they can treat them any way they want.   I'm so tired of looking for work.  If I knew that the place I am working at right now had some growth potential I wouldn't be so ready to leave, but it doesn't.   Ok, you win the Gods of whatever it is that's keeping me from getting a real full-time with benefits job.  You win!  I have officially given up on ever working in the social service field again.  I just...don't get it.

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