Thursday, November 11, 2010

Busy Week!

So glad this week is almost over. It's not so much work. I only have 2 stores plus the cigarette collection in the gas station. So this next check is going to be really small. No, my son was on tv with his art class on Tuesday. Originally it was supposed to be the 18th, but they moved it to the 9th. So, I was nervous about that and didn't get a lot of sleep. Then we had to get up early that morning and hang around the art studio for about 3 hours. My son was in about 3 segments. The reporter didn't talk to him, but she did like his painting and asked him to stand right by her for what they called "a tease." It went well. I made sure to tell everyone that he was going to be on. I guess some people saw it. I don't get much response on Facebook. I've kind of decided to stay away from Facebook. I think people just ask to be your friend to show how many people they have friended. I don't think they sincerely want to be your friend. I will try to get some rest this weekend.

I have kind of started The Hormone Diet. I bought some of the supplements she recommended and I'm trying to stay away from dairy and sugar. I'm having a hard time staying away from artificial sweetener. I just want to have this bloated feeling anymore. Will keep you updated on the progress.

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