Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That was sort of a workout

I haven't been working out like I said I would. Yesterday I was crazy busy with work and then I had to pick the kids up and take my son to his acting class. I was tired, so tired by the end of the day. And because I walked everywhere my legs were killing me. Today I tried to work out. Kept getting phone calls and then an e-mail from my supervisor asking me about a report. So, of course I can't just let that go until after my workout. Look up the info and respond. Then I get a call from out of the blue from a mom I met in the summer. Her son was in Theatre Camp with my son. She was calling to see if we liked the books she sold to us and if we wanted any more. I asked her to send us a link to her website. We then tentatively scheduled a play date for 11/12. It's still in the back of my mind. What to do with my life? It's always there. Telling me I'm not doing enough. Then why am I so tired?!

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