Monday, October 25, 2010

Workout Schedule for the Week of October 25th

Got some new workout DVDs for my birthday and I want to do more strength training to boost my metabolism. I started today and I did 2 new DVDs. The first one was Jackie Warner Xtreme Time Saver Training workout. That thing is intense. It's the best workout you can get in 30 minutes. I felt like I got a total workout and she kicked my butt. The next one was Jari Love's Lean Machine. It was good, but not as good as her others. I still felt like I got a good workout, but there are some dance steps while doing weights and my coordination wasn't so good today. I think if I do it more often I will get the hang of it. Here's the schedule:
Monday-Lean Machine & Xtreme Time Saver Training.
Tuesday- Yoga Meltdown
Wednesday-Tonique & Shred It With Weights
Thursday-Working no workout
Friday-Tonique & Xtreme Time Saver Training
Saturday-Tonique & Yoga Meltdown
Sunday-Lean Machine
There it is. Hopefully I can stick to it.

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