Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blogging Challenge Day 5: The Beauty Outside Our New Home

Today we visited our new home to take some measurements and just to remind us what we are buying.  I think we will be happy in the new home. I took a couple of pictures of the trees outside our home.  I'm trying to take more pictures of things that catch my eye.

This tree is going to be so beautiful when it blooms!

The tree is over our deck and the sellers told us that it provides some great shade during the summer.

tree with a frog
Someone besides the sellers was there to greet us!

The sellers told us that the frog comes with the house;-) We are looking forward to moving into our new home. The last home we bought was in Chicago. When we left Chicago we said we wouldn't buy another home until we are officially settled in a city.  I guess Toronto is it!

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