Monday, March 9, 2015

It's Hard Out Here!


This is the first official update of my new career journey.  This was the first week of the Handmade Business Online training with Renae Christine. I was so excited to get started.  The first video was released on March 3 and then we had to wait a couple of days for the next one. The videos are about 19 minutes long each and she has some good stories and information. One thing she talked about in her second video was how she brought all of this traffic to her mom's website. She said she would tell us how she did it in a webinar next week. This is a webinar that we have to sign up for and may not get in because of such high demand.  That's what I need! I need to know how to get traffic! I need to know now! Gimme! UGH! *weeps*

So I will continue with this training, but I have other places to go too. I guess because I don't have any money to spend on education right now, I will do my best to get it from wherever I can.  I did attend a good webinar on SEO for Etsy. I don't have an Etsy shop and probably will never have an Etsy shop, but I have partnered with some handmade businesses before who asked me to review their products. Some didn't have any social media presence at all.  I would like to help market companies like that.  So it was good information to learn.

I'm looking into more courses on Alison Online. Signed up for a couple of interesting classes on Creativelive and thinking about trying out Skillshare.  Skillshare has a deal where the first month is .99 and after that it's about $10 a month.  I could possibly do that. I would like to take better pictures for my blogs and Skillshare has a photography course that looks great.

This week I signed up to write for some publications, hoping to get writing jobs. I read an article called 51 Tips & Tricks for Bloggers. Tip number 20 was to write for Beyond Your Blog. I didn't submit there, but they have listings for other opportunities in dozens of other categories with various other magazines and websites. Check it out here! It would be nice to get some more exposure and earn some money!

Sigh, it's hard out here for a poor stay-at-home mom, but I am determined to do this! Are you trying to change careers?! Are you taking online courses?! What has worked best for you?! Please respond below in the comments section! Thank you!

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