Monday, March 23, 2015

What is Your Theme Song?! Blogging Challenge Day 7

It's a manic Monday so this blog post will be a quick one. Still counts though! LOL  I love the little quizzes on Facebook.  I have had theme songs in my life. Basically my theme song is the song I feel describes me best at that time in my life. When  I was a teenager it was Left of Center by Suzanne Vega. The song is from the Pretty In Pink soundtrack.  For years my theme song has been Overkill by Men At Work. Yes, I love 80s music. 

So I completed a quiz on Facebook recently. It was called What Song Sums Up Your Entire Life? Not just a particular point in your life. And the answer was!

Your song is:

"Hey Jude"

You're a smart, cultured, unconventional individual, but you're also humble. You're highly respected in your circle and people genuinely love you for your quirks and all. You can be very playful but your brain is full of knowledge and wit. You're fascinating in every way possible and people feel really lucky to be considered your friend!

I think this describes me perfectly. How about you?! Take the quiz here and tell me what song sums up your entire life? Or is there a song you've always considered your theme song?!

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